Chromaflo Colorant Explorer

Experience a Visual Color Representation of Pigment Chemistries

Pigments are the key components in providing color to plastics, paints, and coatings. Once dispersed in a liquid medium, these pigments are known as colorants, which provide an easy-to-use method of adding color to a material. Chromaflo Technologies offers this application to help users visualize the color and shade of pigments used in colorants for these applications.

How It Works

Each pigment has a unique color whether it is used individually or mixed with other pigments. Once a pigment chemistry is chosen, Chromaflo Colorant Explorer will aid the user in finding the appropriate colorant lines containing that pigment. There are two ways to identify a colorant for applications in plastic, paint, or coatings: Explore Colors and Explore Products

Explore Colors

Explore Colors allows the user to easily scroll through chromatic and neutral color wheels to visualize the various pigments used in our colorants. A digital representation of the color shade is displayed, identifying the pigment chemistries as they would appear when it is the only pigment used (masstone) or mixed with a white pigment (tint).

Explore Products

Explore Products provides a filterable catalog of our colorant lines to help the user fine-tune our offered product list for the optimal color systems to meet their needs. The list can be filtered by type of application, global region where the colorant is needed, and the chemistry of the product being colored. From the list of products, the user can see colors available in each line by viewing the product sheet. If additional information is needed, there is an option to Contact Us for more information.

Stay Current With Chromaflo

The menu located in the upper right corner of the screen allows users to keep up to date on news and events happening at Chromaflo Technologies as well as receive an overview of the company. Links to our website and social media platforms are available to stay connected with us.

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