Low-VOC Colorants Dispensability & Compatibility

Chromaflo’s Low VOC Point of sale colorants are designed to fit your dispensing needs either in manual or automatic dispensers.
As the Industry leader, not only do our color systems colorants ensure tightly controlled color and color strength, they are formulated specifically to not settle in the canisters. There’s no tip drying, tip clogging, dry-out flaking or viscosity build within the canisters.
Our Low VOC point of sale colorants go through vigorous testing including block resistant, scrub resistance, surfactant leaching, dry time recording and compatibility. This ensures a high-quality product for our customers.

Where Art Meets Technology
Novapint D
Chromaflo Technologies meets the challenges of tinting water-based facade paints and plasters.

Plasticolors® CF Series
Add efficiency to your process with Plasticolors® CF Series.

UCD® VXS Product Line
The UCD® VXS colorants have been designed for broad use in low-VOC, solvent-based coatings.

Innovatint Lab Manage&Match
Innovatint Lab Manage&Match offers all the comprehensive features of Innovatint Lab Manage software, but adds the possibility to perform characterization and color matching.

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Low-VOC Colorants Dispensability & Compatibility

The purpose of the video is to showcase how Chromaflo’s low VOC point-of-sale colorants provide for customers’ dispensing needs in both manual and automatic dispensers. The video highlights the rigorous testing process that the colorants go through which ensures the high-quality product results that customers are looking for.

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