Conductive Plastics Technology

Thermoset plastics by nature are inherently resistive and very effective electrical insulators. For composites manufacturers, achieving consistent profile conductivity can prove challenging.

Chromaflo Technologies R&D has continued to investigate the conductive matrix, identifying the challenges facing compounders, and developing new methods for providing consistency regardless of the composite compound composition. While a variety of materials are available to compounders to achieve conductivity, conductive grade carbon blacks have proven to be the material of choice.

Chromaflo’s Synermix® HC conductive dispersions utilize conductive grades of carbon black as well as conductive synergists to bring the following benefits to the thermoset compounder:

  • Requires only a small amount of conductive material
  • Creates a low impact on the viscosity of the composite compound
  • Has a low potential for intermittent failures in conductivity
  • Achieves high levels of conductivity

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