Toll Manufacturing

Chromaflo’s manufacturing facilities feature a wide array of processing equipment capable of efficiently handling a multitude of materials and batch sizes.

Our assortment of mills and mixers provide maximum flexibility for processing materials across a broad range of viscosities.

At Chromaflo, we accommodate unique chemistries and batch sizes without sacrificing lead times. Our plant capacities allow us to assist our customers beyond milled products. We support our customers’ requirements for finished goods when their demand exceeds their production capacity.

Throughout the manufacturing process, all products undergo rigorous quality testing according to our customer’s specifications. Our advanced laboratory equipment ensures that all products meet the application requirements.

Once the product is manufactured, Chromaflo Technologies’ facilities can design and print private labels to your exact specifications either in-house or through a third party. These advanced capabilities are complemented by more than 40 years of experience in liquid mixing and blending of colorant and chemical dispersions for a wide range of applications and markets. Our core blending competency continues to expand throughout all of our manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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