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TRANSTINT TT PMA colorants are designed for use in a wide variety of solvent-based industrial coatings.

These colorants can be used in solvent-reducible and emulsion coatings in both air-dry and baking systems. This line of colorants is a universal colorant developed for general tinting of solvent-based industrial coatings. Broad compatibility allows coatings manufacturers to utilize one colorant system for all solvent-based industrial coatings.

This line is used in volumetric and gravimetric dispersers. Tint strength, color difference, and viscosity are controlled to ensure optimal performance in most dispensers. Because the quality of the colorants are tightly controlled, they can also be used for in-plant tinting applications.

They have little or no effect on gloss, dry time, water resistance, hardness, corrosion, foaming or other coating properties.

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