Tint-Ayd® NV Waterborne Colorants for Industrial Coatings

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Tint-Ayd® NV colorants are highly concentrated solvent-free pigment dispersions engineered for use in very low-VOC waterborne coatings. These colorants are designed for high-performance industrial coatings.

Tint-Ayd® NV colorants are stable, free-flowing, easy-to-use pigment concentrates designed for tinting and full pigmentation applications. The recommended method of tinting with the Tint-Ayd® NV colorants is in-plant tinting. They’re not designed for POS tinting applications.

These colorants are based on an alkali-soluble acrylic dispersing resin. They also contain low levels of anionic and nonionic additives to enhance the wetting capabilities of the dispersing resin. These colorants are thixotropic in order to resist pigment settling and syneresis.

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