Tint-Ayd® HS Solventborne Colorants for Industrial Coatings

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Tint-Ayd® HS colorants are low VOC, solventborne colorants for tinting high-performance solvent-based and high-solids industrial coatings.

These colorants are compatible with a wide range of industrial coatings chemistries.

Tint- Ayd® HS colorants are stable, free- flowing, solvent-free concentrates recommended for use in high-performance 1K or 2K solvent-based industrial coatings. They have excellent compatibility with a wide variety of coatings and have a rheological profile suitable for POS and in-plant tinting applications.

These colorants are based on a monomer-free polyester resin, which provides broad compatibility with a variety of coatings chemistries. These colorants are thixotropic in order to resist pigment settling and syneresis.

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