Tint-Ayd® CW & WD Waterborne Colorants for Industrial Coatings

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Tint-Ayd® CW & WD waterborne colorants are resin-free and provide compatibility with a wide variety of conventional water-based industrial coatings.

They are based on a blend of anionic and nonionic additives that provide for exceptional pigment wetting and stabilization.

The Tint-Ayd® CW & WD colorants are exceptional for use as a universal tinting system of water-based industrial coatings. They contain a mixture of water and propylene glycol and are thixotropic, providing resistance to pigment settling and syneresis.

These colorants are stable, free-flowing, easy-to-use pigment concentrates designed for tinting and full pigmentation applications. The products are suitable for in-plant tinting and, in certain circumstances, can be used as volumetrically dispensed colorants.

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