Tint-Ayd® AL Solventborne Colorants for Industrial Coatings

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Tint-Ayd® AL solvent-based colorants offer excellent compatibility and performance for tinting alkyds and oil-based industrial coatings.

These colorants have excellent compatibility and are an exceptional universal tinting system for wood coatings chemistries.

These colorants are stable, free- flowing, solvent-based concentrates for a number of applications, including architectural trim paints and wood coatings. They have excellent compatibility with a wide variety of coatings but are well suited for alkyd-based coatings. This colorant line has a rheological profile suitable for most tinting applications.

Tint-Ayd® AL colorants are based on a blend of dispersants rather than alkyd resins. The dispersants used in each product provide broad compatibility and the ability to stabilize the pigment. These colorants are formulated to be thixotropic to resist pigment settling and syneresis.

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