Temacolor HP Colorants for Industrial Finishes

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Temacolor HP colorants are ideal for industrial finishes and wood coatings because they have minimal impact on coating performance or properties.

These industrial colorants are based on an acrylic resin and most are formulated without using aromatic solvents. Because they have minimal impact on coating performance or properties, Temacolor HP colorants are recommended for tinting all solvent-based 1- and 2-component coatings.

These colorants have a broad compatibility profile and can be used for In-Plant and Point-of-Sale systems. Temacolor HP is especially suited for industrial wood finishes and wood coatings. To meet the demanding requirements of industrial coating systems, you can use up to 30% of Temacolor HP in a formulation with minimal impact on system properties, such as gloss, pot life, hardness, viscosity, sagging and drying time.

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