Solvasperse AK Low-VOC Colorants for In-Plant Tinting

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Specially developed for in-plant tinting, Solvasperse AK is solvent-based and reduced VOC. The range of Solvasperse AK colorants provide excellent compatability, consistent performance and minimal effect on paint properties.

Developed for medium-oil architectural alkyd paints, these colorants are formulated with alkyd resin and aromatic-free solvents. The Solvasperse AK colorants have a reduced VOC content of <300 g/l and newly approved anti-skinning agent. This guarantees compliance with the current EU directive, provided that the paint itself meets the requirements.

Two transparent iron oxide colorant options are available for wood finishing applications. Because of their transparent nature, the wood structure remains visible. At the same time, the colorant does not affect important physical properties of the paint, such as weather resistance and UV barriers.

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