Novapint E Colorants for Decorative Paints and Plasters

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The Novapint E tinting system are eco-friendly and versatile colorants for water-based paints and plasters.

Perfect for outdoor applications, these colorants are low-VOC. This makes them fully compliant with latest environmental requirements and anticipated regulations.

Novapint E technology offers a range of high performance colorants for silicone emulsion, silicate dispersion paints and acrylic plasters. In addition to façade paints, Novapint E also shows excellent results in waterborne architectural and industrial paints.

Novapint E colorants, both organic and inorganic, are fully compatible and can be used in combination with other technologies. This technology mix is perfect for creating customized systems, covering a complete paint technology portfolio.

Novapint E offers a wide color space, cost efficiency and compliance with all of the requirements, regulations and technical challenges formulators might face.

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Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), Facade Paints, POS Architectural Coatings