Novapint D Colorants for Façade Paints and Plasters

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Novapint D provides high performing reduced VOC colorants for the tinting of water-based building systems.

These colorants are ideal in exterior paints and plasters and based on silicate, silicone or synthetic resin, in all shades.

Novapint D colorants have minimal impact on viscosity, sagging, hydrophobicity, water permeability and, for interior paints, scrub resistance. All colorants are calibrated by weight and volume and are suited for use in in-plant tinting

Novapint D generates many color shades in silicate and silicone façade systems. It does this by utilizing specialized formulations and a range of inorganic pigments.

The Novapint D colorant range comprises of hydrophobic colorants for water-based binders. These include emulsion paints, mortars, silicone- emulsions and silicate based media. They offer very good light fastness and weatherability properties, are suited for all color shades and do not infludence rheology.

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Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), Facade Paints, In-Plant Architectural Coatings