Monicolor K Alkyd Colorants for Architectural Coatings

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Monicolor K solventborne and reduced VOC colorants excel at the tinting of various types of long and medium oil alkyd paints.

Suited for both interior and exterior applications, these colorants are based on alkyd resin and aromatic-free solvents.

The reduced VOC content (< 300 g/l) and anti-skinning agent make it easier to achieve compliance with the current EU environmental directives.

The Monicolor K family has 16 medium to highly concentrated colorants for optimal economic performance. Two transparent iron oxide colorant options are available for wood finishing products. As a result of their transparent nature, the wood structure remains visible. At the same time, important physical properties of the paint, such as weather resistance and UV barriers, are unaffected by the colorant.

The Monicolor K colorants are thoroughly tested in alkyd paints, demonstrating excellent compatibility and minimal effect on properties such as gloss and drying.

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