Monicolor B Universal Colorants

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Monicolor B colorants are universal and reduced VOC. This makes them perfect for architectural applications and mixing with a variety of latex paints, long oil alkyds, enamels and wood stains.

The pigmentation of Monicolor colorants provides key performance requirements such as light fastness, opacity and accuracy in pastels while remaining cost effective. The Monicolor portfolio also offers economical red and yellow colorants to ensure a good price/performance ratio.

Monicolor colorants are highly controlled, providing accuracy and reproducibility at the point-of-sale. These products are reduced VOC, containing levels of <300 g/l. The use of propylene glycol as a co-solvent provides efficient functionality and performance in dispensing equipment.

Monicolor Universal products are also available in C technology, which is Low-VOC (<1 g/l) and are based on the same standard as Monicolor B.

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