COLORTREND® 888 Universal Architectural Colorants

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COLORTREND® 888 colorants are universally dispensable and offer broad compatibility in water-based and solvent-based paints.

COLORTREND® 888 is the originator for point-of-sale tinting and the global leader in custom color system colorants. These universal machine colorants are specifically formulated for use in volumetric color dispensing machines for retail store and in-plant volumetric tinting.

We thoroughly test the COLORTREND® 888 colorants to ensure easy and accurate dispensing. They are non-reactive with stainless steel and plastic materials used as component parts of these machines. Aluminum, aluminum alloy and bimetallic color machines should be avoided since they cause electrolytic corrosion and flocculation of the colorant.

COLORTREND® 888 colorants are tightly controlled and disperse easily and completely in most paint bases. However, compatibility must be rechecked after any changes in paint base formulation to ensure color fidelity. Our technical service labs are ready to provide the best technical solutions.

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