COLORTREND® 878 Waterborne Architectural Colorants

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COLORTREND® 878 in-plant colorants are used for latex, emulsion and water-based paints. Highly versatile, they make it possible for formulators to produce thousands of colors using only 12 colorants.

In addition, the ethylene glycol-free system is compatible with universal machine-dispensable colorants. The use of the same pigments eliminates metamerism, allowing for good matches between in-plant and store tinted paints.

Permanence & High Solar Exposure

When formulating with COLORTREND® 878 dispersions, consideration must be given to special circumstances of use. These use cases, including tropical or subtropical climates, deserts and ocean-fronting locations, have an effect on colorant durability.

In each of these instances, the coatings receive significantly greater solar than in most other environments. The use of organic pigments in these situations should be considered only after careful evaluation of the fastness of the colorant/vehicle combination to ensure it will meet the expected performance. For positive verification of lightfastness and durability, we recommend that the colorants be analyzed and tested under accelerated or actual weathering conditions in the coating system and on the substrates where they will be employed.

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