COLORTREND® 877 Waterborne Architectural Colorants

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COLORTREND® 877 colorants dispersions are high-strength, pourable color pastes recommended for in-plant tinting of emulsion and water-based paints.

COLORTREND® 877 dispersions contain a broad color spectrum that satisfies all of the tinting needs of the manufacturer and contractor. The pigments used in COLORTREND® 877 colorants provide a wide range of hues, good durability, lightfastness and alkali resistance.

All colorants have a 6 minimum fineness of grind (Hegman gauge) which makes COLORTREND® 877 dispersions exceptionally well suited for the tinting of latex paints. They can also be used for the economical formulation of deep accent paints, thus avoiding the grinding of dry pigment. The colorant’s pigment properties depend a great deal on the coatings, substrate and application conditions.

For positive verification of lightfastness and durability, we recommend that the colorants be tested under accelerated or actual weathering conditions in the coating system and on the substrates where they will be employed.

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