COLORTREND® 874 XC Colorants for Factory Tinting

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COLORTREND® 874 XC Colorants are low-VOC, high-strength, pourable color pastes recommended for factory tinting of emulsion and water-based paints.

These colorants have a 6 minimum fineness of grind Hegman Gauge [<20µm] which makes them suitable for the tinting of latex paints.

The 874 XC Series is comprised cost-effective products containing high quality pigments. Strength is controlled to ±2% vs. standard and ΔE <0.6 vs standard. They are suitable for dispensing gravimetrically and volumetrically.

They are highly compatible with all types of latex. Colortrend® 874 XC colorants also offers technical advantages such as improved gloss and hardness and increased opacity in deep tone colors.

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