COLORTREND® 835 Universal Architectural Colorants

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COLORTREND® 835 UNIPEARL® colorants are  universal, machine dispensable pearlescent colorants for use in special effect finishes. They can be used in both clear alkyd and water-based coatings.

UNIPEARL® colorants can be used either by themselves in a glaze or neutral base over a colored substrate or in combination with other COLORTREND® colorants. Dispensing at the point of sale allows for the most flexibility in color and effect. This enables the retail store to offer an unlimited palette of pearlescent finishes with a small investment in inventory.


UNIPEARL® colorants have very good light fastness and weathering characteristics. Their performance in exterior coatings is highly dependent on the choice of coating and accompanying pigments. UNIPEARL® colorants can be used as low as 2% by weight and as high as 15% by weight.

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