COLORTREND® 832 Colorants for In-Plant Tinting

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COLORTREND® 832 colorants were the first in-plant colorant line without surfactants or VOCs.

These colorants provide a glycol-free system specially formulated for in-plant tinting of high-gloss latex, emulsion and water based paints. The production of these colorants is carefully controlled, so there’s little need to worry about matching the color just right. You get the color right each and every time.

These colorants are completely free of glycols and analysis by EPA method #24 indicates the VOC to be BMDL. This is in keeping with the latest requirements in paint technology to reduce VOC and glycols. These colorants also meet the 1994 CONEG requirements for the content of heavy metals, including cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead and mercury (combined total < 100 ppm).

The lack of surfactants and glycols makes COLORTREND® 832 colorants the choice for high-gloss latex paints where gloss is especially important.

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