COLORTREND® 808 Universal Architectural Colorants

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COLORTREND® 808 standard and 808 High Performance Low-VOC universal colorants are low odor and possess excellent rheology, while also having minimal impact on paint properties.

The COLORTREND® 808 line contains colorant options for higher performance. This offers broader color space potential for brighter colors and solutions for better durability, superior fade resistance and improved opacity. A high concentration allows lower subsequent usage of the high strength versions. The tight quality specifications make it possible to use COLORTREND® colorants both volumetrically for point-of-sale and gravimetrically for in-plant use.


  • Compliance with current VOC regulations
  • Broader color space potential
  • Higher strength for less impact on film properties
  • Better fade resistance
  • Improved opacity
  • Flexibility in customization

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