CHROMA-CHEM® UCD® HS Colorants for Solvent-Based Urethane Coatings

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UCD® HS high-solids colorants are high performance colorants for polyurethanes with lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels compared to low-solids thermosetting acrylics.

These colorants are well suited for applications where exterior durability or chemical resistance requirements limit the use of universal colorants.

This line of colorants is formulated at maximum loadings in a hydroxyl-functional acrylic vehicle. The pigments used in this line provide excellent lightfastness for exterior applications and mid-range pigments for use in durable coatings of interior applications.

UCD® HS colorants are low viscosity, but thixotropic, which makes them resistant to separation by settling or syneresis. The methyl amyl ketone solvent assures long package life and freedom from caking and drying in opened containers or dispensing equipment.

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