CHROMA-CHEM® UCD® Additives For Industrial Coatings

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UCD® Additives provide minimized or eliminated pigment settling, improved coating performance and adjusted gloss levels.

They are designed to work in conjunction with the other UCD® colorants products to enhance the performance of solventborne or waterborne coatings. These products include the E, HS, PS, Q, SF, and V lines.

However, they can also be used with any other Chromaflo colorants. 

All of these additives are liquids and are generally easier to incorporate than dry powders. The use of our proven acrylic systems means superior compatibility with modern coatings.

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Adhesives and Sealants, Alkyds, Arts and Crafts, Automotive Coatings, General Industrial Coatings, Hobby Paint, Industrial Maintenance Coatings, Marine Coatings, OEM Coatings, Wood Coatings