CHROMA-CHEM® Spartacryl PM® IR Reflective Colorants

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Chromaflo Technologies’ IR reflective technology maximizes total solar reflectance, with a focus in the IR region.

Proper pigment selection, optimized milling and tight manufacturing cleanliness practices are combined to achieve high solar reflectance.

By using Chromaflo’s IR reflective technology, paint formulators and system houses can develop coatings that keep surfaces cool when exposed to the sun. When applied to a roof, the coatings provide a number of benefits including reduced energy cooling costs, increased roof life cycle, decreased pollution and reduced heat island effect.

For non-infrared reflective colors, please see our page on Spartacryl PM® Series Universal Pigment Dispersions.

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Reflective, Solventborne


Adhesives and Sealants, Concrete Protection and Flooring, Industrial Maintenance Coatings, Marine Coatings, Wood Coatings