CHROMA-CHEM® FLV Bio-Based Binder Colorants

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CHROMA-CHEM® FLV colorants are based on a sustainable binder made from renewable sources. The binder is reactive in epoxy coatings and improves coatings properties such as early hardness and chemical, corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance.

This line of colorants is machine dispensable. Therefore, it can be used at a tinting center or point-of-sale location using a manual or automatic dispenser.

Because of their unique chemistry, these colorants do not have the typical problems of epoxy-based colorants such as yellowing and viscosity increase. In addition to epoxy coatings, these colorants perform well in polyurethane and polyaspartic coatings. The FLV Series will provide the basis for a single color system that can tint most concrete protective floor coatings.

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100% Solids, Bio-Based Binder


Concrete Protection and Flooring, Industrial Maintenance Coatings, OEM Coatings, Protective and Marine Coatings