CHROMA-CHEM® DK Colorants for Industrial Urethane Coatings

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CHROMA-CHEM Colormatch® DK pigment dispersions for industrial urethane coatings consist of organic and inorganic pigments milled in a multi-functional, 100% solids polyol resin.

This resin vehicle is compatible with a wide range of solvent borne and 2 component urethane systems.

Because they are solvent-free, these colorants can produce higher solids and lower VOC’s. Urethane coatings produce very durable coatings that will fully react with film. This limits any negative impact on film performance.

Along with these standard colors, Chromaflo Technologies offers custom color matched blends using the masstones in this line. These blended colors, or color packs, can be developed to match almost any color.

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