CHROMA-CHEM® 897 Colorants for Water-Based Coatings

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Chroma-Chem® 897 colorants are the next generation of high-strength, low-VOC colorants designed for use in a wide variety of water-based industrial coatings.

The state-of-the-art pigments specifically chosen for Chroma-Chem® 897 provide broad color space, excellent durability, light fastness and chemical resistance.

Chroma-Chem® 897 colorants can be used for both volumetric dispensing and in-plant tinting. They feature best-in-class quality for color retention, dispensability, consistency and film property retention in a wide range of aqueous chemistries.

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Automotive Coatings, Concrete Protection and Flooring, Industrial Maintenance Coatings, Marine Coatings, OEM Coatings, Plastic Coatings