CHROMA-CHEM® 866 Colorants for Solvent-Based Alkyd Coatings

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CHROMA-CHEM® 866 colorants are designed specifically for use in non-aqueous, general industrial, maintenance and wood coatings applications.

This unique, medium-oil alkyd vehicle provides excellent wetting properties. Each colorant contains a carefully selected blend of vehicle, solvent, pigment and surfactants to provide acceptance in a wide range of solvent-based alkyd applications.

The pigments selected for these colorants provide a wide-range of hues, good durability, lightfastness and chemical resistance. We recommend testing under both actual and accelerated conditions to determine suitability for the desired application. The solvent in these colorants is a low-aromatic, fast-evaporating, Rule 66-type solvent.

The pigments in the colorants were chosen to provide a wide range of shades. However, good durability, lightfastness and chemical resistance depend a great deal on the coatings, pigment choice, substrate and application conditions. It is highly recommended that the colorants be tested in the actual conditions of use to verify the suitability of the product.

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