CHROMA-CHEM® 853 Colorants for Solvent-Based Urethane Coatings

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Chroma-Chem® 853 colorants are based on an acrylic polyol that is reactive with aliphatic isocyanates. This makes them exceptional for tinting solvent-based urethane coatings.

The 853 series is designed specifically for two-package urethanes used in heavy duty maintenance applications such as chemical plant storage tanks and offshore rigs and platforms. Polyurethane coatings tinted with 853 colorants have excellent hardness, resistance properties and durability.

Although the Chroma-Chem® 844 colorants can also be used in two-package urethanes, the 853 line performs particularly well in highly corrosive atmospheres or where coatings are subjected to extremely rough treatment. For a broader color palette based on a similar resin chemistry, see the UCD HS line.

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