CHROMA-CHEM® 73 Industrial Colorants for UV and PMMA Coatings

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Chromaflo Technologies’ ChromaCure™ 73 Series provides an effective way to tint UV and PMMA coatings.

Each product is formulated with one of three acrylic oligomers (TPMTMA, TPDGA, IBOA). This line provides colorants with various degrees of functionality to ensure optimal performance in most types of oligomer-based coatings.

The 73 Series colorants consist of high quality organic and inorganic pigments finely milled in monomeric carriers. This selection of carriers provides for compatibility in a wide variety of coatings formulas and substrate requirements.

The ChromaCure™ 73 Series color palette optimizes the development of pigments which are designed to provide many coating options over wood, metal and plastic substrates.

Note: To ensure quality, these products are made-to-order and have a lead-time of 3 weeks.

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