CHROMA-CHEM® 50-990 IRR Colorants for Reflective Coatings

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Based on a high performing stabilizing package, the 50-990 IRR colorants provide IR reflection for most water-based coatings.

These colorants provide outstanding colorant quality in a variety of in-plant coating systems. The 50-990 series colorants contain IR reflective pigments that reflect infrared wavelengths. This reflective technology works to maximize total solar reflectance, with a focus in the IR spectrum. Proper pigment selection, optimized milling and tight manufacturing cleanliness practices work to optimize the customers’ required total solar reflectance. By using Chromaflo Technologies’ IR reflective technology, paint formulators can develop coatings that keep surfaces cool when exposed to the sun. When applied to a roof or other exterior surface, the coatings can provide a number of benefits. This includes reduced energy cooling costs, increased life cycles, improved substrate integrity and reduced heat island effect.

For non-infrared reflective colors, please see our page on Chroma-Chem® 50-990 Series Ultra-Low VOC Pigment Dispersions.

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