CHROMA-CHEM® 50-990 Ultra-Low-VOC Colorants

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Based on a high performing stabilizing package, the 50-990 series colorants are formulated for use in most water-based coatings. These colorants provide outstanding colorant quality in a variety of in-plant coating systems.

They increase compatibility by using a range of pigments that allow a formulator to match most color spaces. The colorants in this series utilize a stabilizing package that provides outstanding colorant performance in a variety of in-plant coating system.

The 50-990 Series are ultra-low-VOC pigment dispersions that consist of pigments finely milled in a blend of water and an additive package. This system produces colorants with compatibility in a wide range of water-based chemistries. To better meet current VOC regulations, these colorants do not contain any added VOC’s and are glycol free.

The 50-990 Series colorants are not based on an alkali-soluble resin. Therefore, the colorants are compatible with coatings systems that have a wider pH range compared to many water-based colorants. These colorants are compatible with coatings that are slightly acidic or have alkaline characteristics.

For infrared reflective colors, please see our page on Chroma-Chem® 50-990 Series for IR Reflective Coatings.

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