New Central Hub in the Netherlands up and Running

October 14, 2021

Chromaflo is excited to announce its new central HUB in Sittard is up and running. 

To better serve Chromaflo’s EMEA region customers, the goal was to create one central warehouse, one point of contact and one streamlined logistical process from order intake to delivery.

The project was originally announced in 2020, and despite hurdles encountered due to COVID-19, the Chromaflo Netherlands organization accomplished a “tour de force.” These new efficiencies and optimized processes will substantially benefit Chromaflo’s valued customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa markets.

Over a period of time, Chromaflo encountered a number of supply chain challenges to overcome, including needing more space for both raw material and finished goods inventories. As a result of this, the materials were spread over several warehouses that were reaching their limits, and production facilities were also utilized for storage space. Chromaflo also needed to use third-party warehousing to ensure sufficient storage space, which often meant that finished goods needed to be collected from different locations for customer order fulfillment. Additionally, raw material supply to the manufacturing locations was less than optimal.

Flexible Execution

Guidance and oversight into the planning and building process came from within Chromaflo Netherlands by capable, experienced people including Leon Vliegen (Logistics Manager), Roel Haenen (Operations Manager EMEA) and Tamara Curfs (QESH Manager EMEA).

When the project started three years ago, the original warehouse size seemed sufficient, but early in the process, it became apparent that the footprint needed to increase considerably. This, however, meant that the permitting process and approvals would need to be changed and could present additional delays, especially for fire security. Construction of the facility started in May of last year in the middle of the pandemic, but the team rose to meet this challenge and the warehouse opened on schedule.

With the building finalized, the transfer of finished goods from Maastricht to Sittard commenced in early 2021. As a result, the third-party warehouses could then be emptied, and just before the summer holidays of this year, Leon proudly reported, “Mission accomplished!”

An Optimized Logistical Process

The new warehouse and improved logistical procedures immediately began delivering value. Finished goods are stored centrally, our customers and freight partners are served from one location and the efficient flow of materials has been simplified substantially. Another benefit the new warehouse provided is more space in our production facilities, resulting in improved safety, productivity and an optimized logistical process improving our customer satisfaction. 

Another new, successful chapter in the growth of Chromaflo.

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