Discover the Colorful Possibilities at the China Composites Expo

August 20, 2013

SHANGHAI, China – August 20, 2013 – Chromaflo Technologies Corp., the largest independent global supplier of pigment and chemical dispersions to the thermoset composites and architectural & industrial paint and coatings industries, will exhibit at the 2013 China Composites Expo (CCE) taking place at the China International Exhibition Center 11-13 September in Beijing.  This international event is highly regarded as the largest composites show in China and Asia and estimated to attract over 12,000 visitors from leading companies in the field of composites.

Chromaflo Technologies plans to promote products served under the Plasticolors® brand name, which holds over 40 years of experience in providing high quality colorants and additives to the composites market. This will be Chromaflo’s first year to exhibit at CCE, bringing a high level of industry expertise positioned to serve the local Chinese market.

Chromaflo has established a strong presence in China with local manufacturing capabilities and a dedicated and professional technical, sales and marketing team.  The headquarters of the Greater China region is located in Shanghai, and is devoted to business development and customer service. Production of thermoset products has already begun in China and marks a milestone for the company’s long term commitment to the domestic market.  The Shanghai lab is staffed by experienced chemists with profound knowledge in colorants and colorant dispersions, and expertise in both the coatings and thermoset composites industries. The lab’s major role is to lead the region in technical customer support. With this structure in place, Chromaflo plans to continue the transfer of technology to better meet growing demand in the emerging market of China.

Chromaflo colorants are made with organic and inorganic pigments that are finely dispersed in resin.  While Chromaflo has established a broad variety of standard colors that are readily available and suitable in many applications including epoxy, polyurethane and polyester, products are often created through custom formulated color matching services.  “We work closely with our customers to ensure that we are meeting the needs of their specific system, while obtaining maximum colorant performance,” stated Kristine Eisemon, Global Industry Manager for Thermoset Plastics.  Ms. Eisemon will speak at the technical seminar on 11 September, 10:00-11:00 a.m., on the subject Color Science and Pigment Dispersions for Thermoset Composites in meeting room W103. Chromaflo Technologies will be located at stand AE27.

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Chromaflo的色浆由均匀分布在树脂中的有机与无机颜料制成。Chromaflo创制的一系列标准色彩适用于多种应用,包括环氧、聚氨酯以及聚酯,此外,还经常根据客户的需要提供定制配色服务。热固性塑料全球行业经理克里斯汀•艾瑟蒙(Kristine Eisemon)表示,“我们与客户进行密切的合作,以满足他们对产品的特殊需求,提供最佳的着色效果。”艾瑟蒙女士将于9月11日上午10:00-11:00在技术研讨会上发言,主题为“复合材料的色彩科学与表面技术”,地点在W103会议室。Chromaflo科技的展台位于E27。

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