Chromaflo Technologies Expands Pre-Blended FLV Series Color Packs

April 7, 2021

Since its introduction over a year ago, the Chroma-Chem® FLV Series has received a lot of interest. Recently, Chromaflo Technologies expanded the color offerings in this system by adding 24 pre-blended colors for full pigmentation of floor, industrial maintenance, and other protective coatings.

The FLV Series was launched as a system of 12 masstone colors. The line of colorants are built on a bio-based binder that is used to tint epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic coatings. Since the line is not based on an epoxy resin, it will not have the same issues as epoxy-based colorants such as viscosity increase over time. In addition, these colorants will not yellow similar to epoxy-based colorants.

The FLV Color Packs use the FLV Series masstones to create these fully formulated color packs. Therefore, all the benefits of the FLV Series are built into a single-color pack.  There will be no need to shade these colors because Chromaflo Technologies ensures each container will be consistent. Simply pour the color pack into the clear base system, mix, and the coating is ready to apply.  These color packs allow for easy coloration of clear bases whether the color is added in-plant or at the job site.

The palette of 24 colors was developed for floor coatings and industrial maintenance applications. The color choices represent some of the most popular colors for these applications.  The palette consists of white and black with multiple grays, tans, greens, red, and blues. The palette also contains safety yellow and safety red. For more information on these products, visit our website at or talk with your Chromaflo Technologies representative.

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