Chromaflo Expands the UCD® HS Polyurethane Colorant Technology to the Asia-Pacific Region

May 17, 2022

When it comes to tinting coatings for demanding applications such as marine, automotive, oil & gas or other protective applications, the colorant technology should complement the coatings technology to ensure optimal coating performance. The Chroma-Chem® UCD® HS colorant system is the ideal colorant system for these demanding coatings. And now, it is available in the Asia-Pacific region.

This colorant system was formulated for solvent-based 2K urethane coatings.  The colorants are based on an acrylic polyol that will react with polyisocyanates or melamine resins. The benefit of using an acrylic polyol is that the colorant’s resin will react with the curative and the coating’s resin to form a durable finish. The coating’s durability will be maintained when the UCD HS colorants are used to tint or fully pigment the coating.

Besides using a reactive resin, the colorant system utilizes a robust additive package and lightfast pigments. The additive package provides rheological properties that allow the system to be used for in-plant or point-of-sale tinting while providing in-can and in-canister stability. The lightfast pigments ensure long-term color stability when used in exterior applications. When all properties are considered, the Chroma-Chem® UCD® HS colorant system provides the stability and durability required of a tinting system used in coatings for demanding applications.  

Our personnel are available to address any technical and commercial inquiries. Also, samples of these colorants manufactured in our Kuala Lumpur facility are available for testing. Contact your Chromaflo Technologies representative about this exciting new addition to our product portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region.

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