CHROMA-CHEM® 50-990 Ultra-Low-VOC Colorants

Based on a high performing stabilizing package, the 50-990 series colorants are formulated for use in most water-based coatings. These colorants provide outstanding colorant quality in a variety of in-plant coating systems. They increase compatibility by using a range of pigments that allow a formulator to match most color spaces. The colorants in this series…

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Solar Reflective Colorants

Protect your coatings with Chromaflo’s range of sunlight reflecting colorants. Reflectivity is achieved by the physical back-scattering of solar radiation by pigment particles. Everyone knows that lighter colors reflect more light than darker colors. However, when a darker color requires solar reflection properties, special pigments can be utilized to achieve high reflection in the near…

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CHROMA-CHEM® Spartacryl PM® IR Reflective Colorants

Chromaflo Technologies’ IR reflective technology maximizes total solar reflectance, with a focus in the IR region. Proper pigment selection, optimized milling and tight manufacturing cleanliness practices are combined to achieve high solar reflectance. By using Chromaflo’s IR reflective technology, paint formulators and system houses can develop coatings that keep surfaces cool when exposed to the…

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