Colortrend® Vivid Expressions

Colortrend® Vivid ExpressionsTM is a color system based on our 808 high performance colorants, providing solutions for better durability, superior fade resistance and improved opacity.

Vivid ExpressionsTM offers 480 colors, covering a broader color space and offering the brightest, cleanest colors in the coating industry.

Presented on 60 leaves, each leave shows 8 let downs of color, which range from pastel tints to deeper, intense colors.

Vivid ExpressionsTM  can be used as either an addition to an existing system or a stand-alone point-of-sale or in-plant color collection.


  • Based on Colortrend® low-VOC 808HP colorants
  • Features 480 of the industry’s cleanest, best hiding colors
  • Bold and striking colors for a contemporary look

To order, please contact your sales representative or contact Chromaflo Technologies.