Sustainability & Quality

Chromaflo Technologies is committed to growing its business in an environmentally sound manner.

We strive to minimize waste and develop practices which assure that products and services accommodate current and future customer and regulatory requirements and needs. We have put into place measurable sustainability practices.

Chromaflo Technologies’ Regulatory Affairs Group will continue to use a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the company meets or exceeds compliance obligations associated with the environment, workplace and product safety, transportation, indirect food additive and other applicable domestic and international regulations.

Product quality is driven from design right on through the manufacturing process and final inspection. Our quality control department not only is equipped to handle the more common specifications for the industries we serve, we also routinely integrate customer-specific and customized testing methods needed to support critical aspects of your product. This is integrated into our overall quality systems approach. Global Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Ashtabula, Ohio, USAISO-9001 | ISO-14001
Lockland, Ohio, USAISO-9001
Brampton, Ontario, CANADAISO-9001 | ISO-14001
Dandenong, AustraliaISO-9001 | ISO-14001 | ISO-45001
Mumbai, IndiaISO-9001
Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaISO-9001
Queretaro, MexicoISO-9001
Maastricht, NetherlandsISO-9001 | ISO-14001 | ISO45001
Sittard, NetherlandsISO-9001 | ISO-14001 | ISO45001
Shanghai, ChinaISO-9001
Vantaa, FinlandISO-14001 | ISO 9001