Technical Service Technician

Summary of Position

This full-time position, Thermoset Technical Service Technician, will be proficient in the completion of Color Match and Applications projects targeted around intermediate development which will support new product line development, expansion of existing product lines and technologies, while working with Quality Assurance and Manufacturing as required to minimize issues during scale-up. In addition, this position will support alternative raw material initiatives with bench trials and physical testing for raw material evaluations. This position will support internal investigations into product quality related customer complaints. External Technical Service support can be required to assist in problem solving and color matching at a customer’s facility. This would be at the discretion of the Technical Service Manager.


  • Associates Degree in Science or Engineering is required.  
  • BA / BS Degree in Science or Engineering is preferred.  
  • Strong mathematical aptitude.  
  • Technical aptitude.  
  • Strong attention to detail. 
  • Good oral and written communication skills. 
  • Basic to advanced computer skills: Excel and Word. 
  • Adequate color discrimination skills per Farnsworth – Munsell 100 – Hue Test (will be evaluated). 
  • Ability to work in a close Team environment. 
  • Willing to continue education. 
  • Strong customer focus with a sense of urgenc

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Works closely with the Technical Service Manager and Technical Service Representatives to assure developmental effectiveness.  
  • Will provides guidance, support and on-the-job training for future Thermoset Technical Service Technicians.  
  • Provides support to all Thermoset Technical Service Technicians and Representatives as required. 
  • Completion of Laboratory Work in accordance with the schedule providing notification to request originator if a delay is imminent. 
  • Direct customer contact to obtain information critical to project success. 
  • On-site color match support for thermoset market segments as required. 
  • Develops a basic understanding of customer processes and raw materials. This is accomplished by customer visits and internal & external programs.  
  • Develop and maintains current knowledge of pigment types & resins / chemistries and their applications. 
  • Develops a thorough understanding of the Thermoset product lines and processes. 
  • Develops understanding of developing intermediates for all product lines within design rules. 
  • Develops proficiency in maintaining required record keeping including electronic lab book entries and report generation as required. 
  • Accuracy, legibility and thoroughness are required elements of all record keeping. 
  • Develops proficiency for all associated computer-based data entry.  
  • Brings improvement suggestions to the Technical Service Manager.    
  • Maintains good housekeeping practices for assigned work area and all areas worked in. 
  • Complies with safety rules and regulations, attends safety meetings and training. Also, reports injury/illness and/or environmental incidents.  
  • Active support of, and participation in, all appropriate BMS and H, S & E aspects. 

Measure of Performance and Accountability

  • Attendance at area safety meetings, completion of safety training and completion of H,S,&E Area Checklist (as assigned) 
  • Prevention of personal injury/illness 
  • Completion of projects with accurate and timely reporting of project status. 
  • Support corporate strategic goals agreed upon annually 
  • Personal standards of performance 
  • Maintaining a clean and organized work environment. 
  • Participate in annual performance reviews and provide formal feedback. 
  • Participate in annual discussion on career goals and implement a plan to address long-term aspirations. 

Major Interfaces

  • Thermoset Business Director
  • Thermoset Technical Service Manager 
  • Thermoset Technical Service Representatives 
  • Thermoset Technical Service Technicians 
  • Thermoset Territory Sales Managers 
  • Members of Quality Assurance
  • Small Batch Operators 
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Manufacturing Personnel

Positions Reporting to 

  • Technical Service Manager, Thermoset-Americas 

To apply, please email with your resume and/or a general application. Be sure to attach your resume and list the position title in your subject line. You may also fill out a general application and bring it to a Chromaflo facility.