Production Operator, Batch Maker — Brampton

Summary of Position

Production Operators are employees who operate process equipment, produce and package product, and perform other tasks essential to our production operation. This position is defined as a Batch Maker.


  • High school graduate or GED equivalent
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions/work orders
  • Demonstrated mechanical aptitude/experience, as well as additional formal or technical education
  • A strong sense of self-motivation and the ability to work well in a team environment


Major Areas of Responsibility

As operators in the Batch Making Process, employees are expected to develop operator skills and assume the following general responsibilities:

  • Obtain batch tickets from supervisor for batches to be loaded.
  • Check availability of raw materials for each batch.
  • Check tanks, size, valve and tank is clean for batch loading
  • Make sure tank is labelled, product no. batch no.
  • Load resin, wetters, solvents using proper PPE, e.g. ground clamps and any other safety equipment as per batch ticket.
  • Record all lot numbers of raw materials in production book.
  • Record batch loaded, batch no, date, time taken and mill on cover and put in holding area ready for charging.
  • Bring batch to Bowers, make sure mixer is clean.
  • Ground and adjust mixer speed to obtain a good vertex.
  • Mix well, sample to lab.
  • Make addition to batch as per lab instructions.
  • When lab approved, remove from mixer.
  • Weigh, cover and place in holding area.
  • Give batch ticket to supervisor.
  • Wash mills, tanks, mixers as needed.
  • Keep all equipment and tools clean.
  • Make sure all safety equipment is in working order.
  • Clean up any spills.
  • Keep work area clean and clear of any obstacles.
  • Mop and clean floors, once a day, using floor scrubber.
  • Wear all required PPE and observe all safety regulations.
  • Report processing and equipment problems to the Supervisor and/or Site Manager.
  • Observe and report to Supervisor and/or Site Manager, the effectiveness of processing, equipment, or method changes.
  • Obtain and record processing data as prescribed by procedure, written processing instructions or directive from supervision.
  • Insure quality standards are maintained, within their ability to control, and insure properly obtained samples are gathered as required.
  • Be constantly on the alert for safety hazards and report any found to the Supervisor and/or Site Manager.
  • Perform all other tasks as assigned by the Supervisor and/or Site Manager.
  • Participate in area work teams, as necessary.

Measure of Performance and Accountability

  • Demonstrates the ability to properly operate equipment, follow procedures and written processing instructions for all operations for the area to which they have been assigned.
  • Effectiveness of communications between themselves and supervision.
  • Completeness and accuracy of required reports and records.
  • Skill level (consistency and quality).
  • Cleanliness and safety in work area.
  • Attendance at area safety meetings and safety training and completion of H, S &E Area Checklist (as assigned).
  • Prevention of personal injury/illness.

Incumbent Reports To:

Production Supervisors

Positions Reporting To the Incumbent:


To apply, please email with your resume and/or a general application. Be sure to attach your resume and list the position title in your subject line. You may also fill out a general application and bring it to a Chromaflo facility. 

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