From Small Beginnings to a New Beginning

May 25, 2022

by Scott T. Becker

It has been 10 years since Chromaflo began. During that time, Chromaflo expanded its global reach with additional plants in India, Malaysia, Mexico, Uruguay, and South Africa. Today we have a global operational infrastructure across six continents serving thousands of customers in the paints and thermoset plastics markets. We added innovative technologies such as bio-based colorants (FLV Line), graphene and single wall carbon nanotube dispersions, and the first volumetrically dispersible dry colorants for POS dispensing (Pearls).

On April 21, 2022, we began a new journey as Prince, Ferro and Chromaflo came together to form Vibrantz Technologies. The combination creates a $2 billion enterprise with 64 sites and 5,400 employees around the world and will have three primary business units: Advanced Materials, Performance Coatings and Color Solutions. The Color Solutions business unit will be comprised of Chromaflo’s liquid colorant technologies and Ferro’s high-end dry pigments such as complex inorganic-colored pigments (CICPs), ultramarine blue, specialty iron oxides, azo pigments and anticorrosive pigments. Our markets will expand to now include thermoplastics, building and construction, and inks in addition to our well-established positions in architectural and industrial coatings and thermoset plastics.

In terms of management, our Color Solutions leadership team is making substantial progress as we design our organization and work toward announcing the next level of our leadership. For now, conducting day-to-day business will continue to be as it has in the past with Chromaflo and Ferro.

Finally, I am invigorated by the level of experience and capabilities of the Vibrantz corporate team. Michael Wilson, our President and CEO, is an experienced executive who is focused on ensuring a successful integration of the three companies, creating a strong, shared culture for our employees and an enhnced ability to serve customers globally. Of course, you know me and the Color Solutions team. We are dedicated to continuing to serve you through a strong commitment, effort and teamwork.

The next time you hear from us it will be as Vibrantz Technologies and we are excited to begin this next chapter in collaboration with and in service of valued customers like you.

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