Chromaflo Utilizes Online Industry Libraries

January 25, 2022

It goes without saying that company websites are great sources for information about a company. Many users will use the company’s website as the primary source of information about what type of products are available and how to use them. 

But it can’t be the only source of information—especially in the markets Chromaflo serves.

Those new to the paint and coatings and thermoset plastics markets may not be aware of every company that supplies products for these applications. Oftentimes, they will use online libraries or marketplaces to learn more about products supplied to their market. For this reason, Chromaflo Technologies has been active on multiple fronts to ensure everyone in the paint and coatings and thermoset plastics markets has access to information about its products.

UL Prospector

Chromaflo Technologies has been using this online chemical library since the company was created back in 2012, and Chromaflo’s predecessor Plasticolors and Colortrend had been using the service long before 2012. 

Over time, the free service has remained relatively the same, but available features for posting members have improved.

Chromaflo uses UL Prospector because it is a well-known database in its served markets. UL Prospector helps its users find the product they need through the ability to search through specific filters. This service is a great way for Chromaflo to provide information about its products to a large group of technical personnel with specific needs. 


Though SpecialChem takes a slightly different approach, it generally provides the same type of service as UL Prospector. SpecialChem began as a free library that gathered information posted on company websites and compiled it for anyone to use, as a user doesn’t have to sign up to access the information.

That being said, verified users will get more details and access to additional information. 

In comparison to UL Prospector, the audience on SpecialChem is larger and covers almost any type of position in any market.

Chromaflo has expanded its listings over the last few years to provide more information to SpecialChem’s users. Its expanded listings have provided much more information to verified users. Particularly in the last year, the Chromaflo team has begun to utilize more of SpecialChem’s services.

Therefore, Chromaflo can reach users to keep the industry informed of new products or services, such as its new Chromaflo Colorant Explorer app. Over the past few years, Chromaflo Technologies has continued to be an important member of the SpecialChem database and has earned a spot as one of the top 20 paint and coatings companies listed on SpecialChem.


Thomasnet is a recent addition to Chromaflo’s list of online libraries. Chromaflo’s expanded listing with the service began in October 2021. This service grants access to a different group of users compared to UL Prospector and SpecialChem, which enables Chromaflo to better serve the paint and coatings and thermoset plastics companies. 

Moving Forward

It’s evident that utilizing multiple services in conjunction with Chromaflo’s company website provides a synergistic way to reach entire markets and provide assistance. 

Chromaflo is committed to helping people find and utilize the best product for their needs. The listed services provide an essential addition to the product information already listed on Chromaflo’s company website. With their success, Chromaflo anticipates expanding its presence in additional databases in the future.

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