Innovatint 4: a New Standard in POS Tinting Software

May 26, 2021

Since the introduction of Innovatint, it has been widely accepted as the benchmark for managing point-of-sale (POS) software tinting in the industry. The success of Innovatint has been defined by our capability to bring new innovations, driven by a fast response to customer feedback with our continual improvements. We also constantly monitor and anticipate market needs for improving POS tinting through our vision of what benefits the color software can provide.

Prior to Innovatint, tinting management software was made to serve the operator at the store, providing a simple tool consisting of color formulas for tinting paints. But as the demand for greater speed and accuracy of tinted paints at the retail level grew, the market’s demand for a more powerful tinting tool did as well.

Paint companies see the dilemma they have: End-users now even expect faster service as retailers move to supply paint “on demand”, delivered directly to the consumers door. Color accuracy, speed and service are the key drivers. Everything around Innovatint 4 is built to serve this purpose.

Innovatint 4 features a completely new maintenance ticketing system, along with newly designed statistics and labels creation tools, to name only a few of the new features. Innovatint 4 continues with its market-leading widest support for use across most tinting equipment and spectrophotometers.

Innovatint 4 also offers a cloud-based version for POS. This means that there is no longer a need to arrange and update the database and software at each individual paint store. The updates are done through the cloud server where Innovatint runs, which guarantees instant and up to date information and related costs are kept to a minimum. Customers that have been running earlier Innovatint 3 version can now easily upgrade to Innovatint 4 and instantly take advantage of the cloud.

Data is power. Innovatint corporate options will deliver the capability to empower it.

While running Innovatint database on a server, it can be deployed into a more diverse use. The Innovatint API service layer can be opened to serve the paint retailers other needs such as a web store so that users will get valid information about available formulations. Additionally, it can receive orders and distribute them to the paint store to be tinted. API layers can be used to link various ERP systems to Innovatint, or if that technology is not viable then our Innovatint team can support your needs with other customized integrations.

The “Resource Manager” in Innovatint 4 is the next level system management tool, as it gives paint companies direct view on their market in terms of paint base usage, statistics, machine maintenance and license management.

Predicting paint color usage and trends can be difficult, so being able to manage your color tinting operations to quickly respond to customer needs is essential. Monitoring colorant inventories, and staying ahead of potential tinting equipment downtime enables paint retailers to make proactive decisions. Innovatint Statistics and Innovatint Resource Manager tools are there to serve you and to find insights other color software programs just don’t offer. Speed, tinting accuracy, and full color management at point-of-sale are keys to your success. With Innovatint 4, you can certainly offer your customers quality, consistency and a wide color offering.

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