Flexible color selections for Soft PVC

December 8, 2020

What if you could improve your position in the market by producing any color at any time for your Flexible PVC?

By Christa Deuzings, Management Support Sales – The Netherlands

Flexible PVC is widely used in various products like floors, wire and cables, artificial leather, wall coverings, coated fabrics for tarpaulins, tents, awnings etc. The number of colors in this market is still limited compared to other industries like paints and coatings. However, color demand is increasing along with the need for short lead times. Offering both color flexibility and speed to market would be the ideal solution to differentiate and strengthen your position in the market.

High quality colorants for Flexible PVC

Flexible PVC needs to be durable, long-lasting and adaptable to any application. To produce high quality Flexible PVC, colorants and dispersions are needed that elevate the performance of your PVC. Our colorants combine a high pigment concentration with low viscosity. This allows lower dosing to achieve the final color and makes our colorants very easy to handle and efficient to mix even at lower shear. The selection ofhigh-performance pigments helps you to produce durable and long-lasting Flexible PVC, while expanding your color options. The colorants are tightly controlled for color and strength to ensure quality and consistency for every batch. We offer colorants that are based on non-phthalate plasticizers and are heavy metal free to give your PVC an environmental boost.

From single color to full color palettes

Chromaflo works closely with you to understand and meet your performance requirements and cost specifications. As experts in color development we provide an extensive color range from standard colors to blended colors, such as RAL shades. Whether you need a single color or a full color palette, our color experts can match any color with the highest possible accuracy dedicated to your system and demands. We can also supply you with special colorants such as fluorescents and metallics to expand your color space.

How to produce all colors with the least possible impact on your production capacity?

Integrated tinting solutions

Chromaflo can serve you with ready mixed plasticizer-based colorants for immediate use. In addition, you can also consider a fully integrated tinting solution to reduce your color inventory and to blend any color on demand. Our colorants have been optimized for very accurate dosing by means of a dispenser. This innovative solution provides both speed and greater color flexibility while ensuring accurate production of a large variety of colors. It enables you to rapidly fulfill orders in small batches and helps you to achieve color control, shorter lead times, reduced waste, lower stock and a great choice of color shades. Complicated? No, we help you by consultation and implementation of colorants, equipment and our in-house developed Innovatint™ software.

Let’s talk!

Chromaflo is the largest global, independent colorant supplier and the right partner for color solutions for plasticizer-based colorants. Please contact us via: sales@chromaflo.com for further information

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