3 Ways Manufacturers are Staying Innovative and Environmentally-Friendly

November 17, 2019

Pop quiz. Can new products be innovative and environmentally-friendly at the same time?

That was the question on everybody’s mind earlier this Spring at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2019. The answer, based on our own personal experience, was a resounding “yes.”

In fact, the event’s unofficial theme seemed to reflect a push by manufacturers toward making products that meet evolving consumer needs while also being good for the environment. Here are three ways manufacturers are getting this done, courtesy of ECS 2019.

Eco Labels

Eco labels that signify an environmentally-friendly solution, such as EU Ecolabel and Blue Angel in Germany, are becoming more important. Customers are increasingly expected by their end-users to provide eco-friendly paint and coatings. Chromaflo is already making strides to stay ahead of this trend by offering colorant lines that meet the standards of eco labels. These lines, which include Novapint E, Colortrend 807, Hydrasperse EU, Monicolor C, and Coltec C, provide low VOC, eco-friendly solutions.

Sustainable Solutions

In addition to looking for eco label-endorsed products, ECS revealed that there are many customers looking for a totally sustainable solution. For example, the process of pouch packaging colorants is a fast-growing alternative to standard packaging that utilizes cans. Pouch packaging minimizes the quantity of residue left in the product container, making it more cost-effective and easier to dispose. It’s also easier to handle in factory settings, and its lighter weight reduces shipping and supply chain costs.

Colortrend Pearls 2020

At ECS, Chromaflo contributed to this theme of environmentally-friendly products by introducing Colortrend Pearls 2020. It is a solid colorant concept consisting of 10-12 Pearls and can be used for waterborne architectural and industrial applications. This technology is eco-friendly because it does not use biocides. These are chemical substances that neutralize harmful organisms but are also toxic to humans. An additional benefit of Colortrend Pearls 2020 is that its narrow particle size allows it to be volumetrically dosed. This technology was created to address the evolving landscape of ecolabels and environmental regulations while meeting the needs of customers and end-users.


Innovation is critical, but it should never come at the expense of the environment. This is especially true for the colorants industry – we have to lead the charge, by example. Chromaflo takes this seriously and – based on what we saw at ECS 2019 – most manufacturers do as well.

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