Pricing Professional Painting Projects Accurately

January 10, 2019

The professional paint industry works mostly via the principle that quotes are requested for a project before ordering the actual paint. Professional painters, architects and industrial project leaders need complete price information to calculate an end price for their customer—and paint can be a substantial part of this cost.

A bulletproof sales process inclusive of the right technology to support it means closing more deals with more accuracy and better information. Learn how employing the right solution can improve price calculations and information quality and win you more sales.


A sales process typically consists of multiple steps and largely depends on the product being sold and the length of the sales cycle. But no matter the cycle length or process, in every case determining the pricing structure is one of the most important parts. Inaccurate price information and calculations can lead to a loss of profit on a project or result in no order at all.

The amount of time to make an offer is limited which creates pressure to deliver an accurate calculation to the client. Paint companies and their subsidiaries need to be able to react quickly without making critical errors in these calculations. To do so, the pricing information in the system needs to be correct and paint formulas have to be up-to-date.


Chromaflo Technologies offers a solution for customers that are in need of a sophisticated, but user-friendly, system. The Innovatint Internal Sales Tool is used for price calculations and is always updated with the latest formula and cost information. It allows for fast searching of recipes and their corresponding prices and when a correct selection has been made a price proposal can be generated automatically. The departments that work with this tool are responsible for the price calculations of paint projects and depending on the chosen setup those having access to the tool can work internally or externally.

Chromaflo offers the Internal Sales Tool as a stand-alone package but can also host the tool on external servers and even integrate seamlessly with your website with portal access making it available anywhere, anytime and on any device. The tool is based on a normal Point Of Sale platform but is also an information portal. And while it doesn’t have tinting capabilities, it has been expanded with a price comparison option and a template generator. By connecting its database to the advanced replication system used within the Innovatint family, all formula adjustments, corrections and additions are available instantly for the users. This also applies for the prices for the products and colorants.

With this tool, Chromaflo offers a more integrated approach to solutions that benefit paint companies. Having the correct information at your fingertips at the right time is indispensable and Chromaflo works hard to develop more tools that will contribute to your success.

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