Good tinting software needs to deliver powerful capabilities—but it is a well-designed user interface

August 17, 2018

This rule applies directly to the color production process. If you’re goal is simply to produce the right color every single time, looking for a robust system will be critical. But if it takes extensive training to get your team up and running and the system is too complex to manage efficiently, you may end up losing business in the long run.

If your goal is both precision and efficiency, look for a system that is not only sophisticated, but user friendly, too.

A Tinting System That’s Powerful and Easy to Use

Innovatint, for example, offers both a full-fledged user interface with access to a wide range of specialized options and a simple, wizard-driven user interface for everyday use. The wizard’s pared-down screen shows the user exactly what he or she has to do to complete an order, displaying color and product pictures in an easy-to-use visual manner.


Tinting functions are quick and simple, but secondary information is still close at hand. Show product details to customers, access order history and save customer information right from the wizard screen. All tinting machine commands and printing options are still there; user accounts can be individually set to limit or customize the access. Switching back to the simplified user interface is easy with just the click of a button.

Get your operators up and running quickly even if they don’t have extensive knowledge of tinting systems. Innovatint essentially eliminates onerous, complex training and lets your employees get to work right away while also delivering the precision of a professional coloring system.

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