Whether it’s the latest electronic gadget, fashion, car, or paint for your living space, color sells

July 12, 2018

The pace of change and innovation is certainly faster for Generation Y (also called echo-boomers) than it was for their Baby-boomer parents and grandparents and this plays out in color choices. Following are some insights into the preferences of these digital age shoppers that will help you better meet or exceed the changing expectations.

Discordant, Dynamic Colors

Bold, dynamic colors that generate an energizing, vibrant mood are favored by younger customers. For example, Gen Y are embracing Mosaics. These bright and expressive mix of patterns and decorations allow customers to create a unique, individual style.

Colors that clash – meaning they don’t necessarily go together but can create energy – are also incredibly popular. Think a bold yellow with a dark maroon. These “discordant” color schemes evoke energy, rebellion and newness, which is why they are often used in youth-orientated designs.

Earthly Colors

On the other hand, with today’s 24-hour connectivity and on-the-go lifestyle, a growing number of younger consumers are transforming their living spaces into comfortable retreats with colors that can provide relaxation.

Technology and the pace of today’s world already create a state of continual movement and agitation. Emails, constant mobile calls and texts, plus the fear of missing out on the latest social media posts keep us going all day and night. There is a desire to slow down and create spaces that feel like an escape. Paint colors that capture an earthy, natural feel offer customers a break from their technologically-driven lives.

The Power of Personalization

Painting a space, whether a home or an office, is a deeply personal act and can provide both an outlet for creative expression or an escape from the day-to-day. No matter which end of the spectrum your customers are on, they will be looking to you to help them create a unique and fresh feel to their surroundings with color. Companies that sell more than just paint but also sell an experience will be sure to gain the loyalty of this next generation of customers.

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